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Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam LLC

Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation - the largest tire manufacturer in the world. Its products are sold in over 150 nations and territories around the world.

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Why Bridgestone Tire Sales Vietnam LLC?


The Bridgestone Group’s mission is based on the words of its founder: “Serving Society with Superior Quality.” To fulfill this mission, Bridgestone Group has used the concept of “foundation” to demonstrate the sustained commitment of employees to provide its customers with world class products and services and to serve the communities where Bridgestone does business. “The Bridgestone Essence” is composed of the words, integrated corporate culture and our diversity that today’s company has inherited and a shared sense of values that can be embraced by Bridgestone employees around the world.


"Serving Society with Superior Quality”

We aspire to offer the best for our customers and to society, not only in terms of our products, services and technology, but in all of our corporate activities.

Our commitment to quality stems not from want of profit, but out of a passion for improving the safety and lives of people everywhere.

Through our Mission, we strive to be a company trusted by the world - a company in which all of us can take great pride.

At Bridgestone Vietnam, we provide a proactive and dyamic environment where both of individuals and teams can achieve our goals. We offer our employees a self development opportunities with the training programs, we give the challenges and provide them opportunities to grow and succeed. Along with this, we provide our employees attractive rewards and benefits package so that we can retain our talents with high engagement.

Our culture: One team, one heart

At Bridgestone Vietnam, we work, we live in a big family where each member do our best and give support to others to catch up our mission. 

We had fun in our team building, our parties. We worked hard in our activities together.

Many people in one team, many personalities with one heart under the name of Bridgestone Vietnam.

Our contributions to community

The company's CSR activities:

The Bridgestone Group strives to strengthen its CSR activities by communicating with local communities, customers, shareholders, business partners and employees.

We believe that the awareness and the way individual employees pursue their daily responsibilities are critical in the Group's business activities and approach to CSR. Each employee must apply CSR to his or her own work and take positive action to achieve the Group's vision.

Individual employees also make a personal commitment that lays out what they believe to be important in their jobs and how they intend to conduct themselves so that they are better able to behave in a manner that earns the trust of stakeholders

Our regularly CSR activities: Bridgestone Vietnam with Vietnam students, Safety campaign, The Earth’s Day, and many regular our CSR activities for Vietnam’s community.

For safety performance turn to Bridgestone

Bridgestone always put safety above all phased development lifecycle tires from research, production and use. During the period of research and development, we identified three core elements are safe, convenient and environmentally friendly so we ensure the production of tires, including 3 factors.

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Commercial Tires

Industrial & Agricultural Tires

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